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The History of E-Liquid

In order to fully understand the history of e juice, it is helpful to know a little bit of background on how the modern day e-cigarette came about. Although e-cigs can be traced back to 1963, the invention of the modern day electronic cigarette is credited to Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Lik began searching for a way to vaporize liquid containing nicotine after his father, a heavy traditional cigarette smoker, passed away from lung cancer.

PJ Bros E-Liquid

Through continuous trial and error methods to come up with the perfect e-liquid, Lik identified propylene glycol as a liquid medium to hold the nicotine while also being light enough to dilute when heated into a vapor. Interesting fact about propylene glycol (also known as PG): it is listed by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and is a food additive contained in many consumer products. Lik decided on PG for the base of his e juice due to its ability to be easily absorbed by the wick in the e-cig.

An alternative liquid base for vape juice was discovered soon after called vegetable glycerin (VG). This type of liquid base tended to be more popular with those who prefer more voluminous and thicker clouds of vapor. Another difference between this base and the PG was its higher level of sweetness and its lack of a throat hit.

In today’s vape world, you will find many e juice manufacturers mixing both PG and VG together in a way that highlights both of their positive characteristics. These mixtures provide a desirable balance of flavor, throat hit, and vapor thickness for cloud creation. Although it was under sad circumstances that Lik began this journey of e liquid creation, we can probably all agree that we are glad he set forth on it.

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