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The Top 5 Most Intriguing E-Juice Flavors

There are 3 main vape flavors that most people go to when beginning their vaping venture: tobacco, sweet and fruity. Once vapers get through the initial introduction phase, they begin to get a little more creative in their choices. If you are an e-juice connoisseur, one of these flavors below just might strike your fancy. Please note, these are based on our own opinion and our list of intriguing flavors goes far beyond what we have mentioned below.

PJ Vapes Eau Claire

1: Eau Claire: This Strawberry Crème Brulèe flavor is offered by PJ Bros E-Juice and can be found right on their website. This flavor will push all the right buttons of a true dessert lover with its delicate balance of silky, creamy and sweet.


Vapeoholic Kryptonite

2: Kryptonite: The perfect blend of Limey Soda. This is a simple, yet satisfying vape.


Simply Tenacious Toast Vape Juice

3: Simply Tenacious Toast- Sweet cream, a dash of bakery cinnamon, light pastry notes and a splash of sweet maple syrup blended together to create Tenacious Toast, which can only be described as the most accurate French Toast e-liquid to date.


Wonder Worm E Liquid

4: Charlie’s Chalk Dust: Wonder Worm Crystalized gummy worms laced with psychedelic sweet tarts.


Komala E Juice

5: Vapergate- Komala: A special blend of 7 tropical fruit flavors accented with a slight cooling menthol refresh without being obnoxious and overpowering. Think of crossing the street and being hit by a truck of Juicy Fruit gum, in the face. Komala does have a slight bit of menthol added to the recipe to enhance the brightness of the citrus fruits. It is however, NOT a menthol juice as there is not that arctic blast you associate with most menthol vapes. It is something that we need to mention as some people that were not informed, were quite surprised it was in there.


While everyone has their own taste preferences when it comes to vaping, these flavors are a good start to widen your selections and expand your e-juice palate. As you become more experienced with vaping and start looking to experiment with different flavors, the unique possibilities are endless. Research, experiment, enjoy.

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