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Why You Should Make the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

In order to truly making a change, one must consider all alternatives and have a clear vision of the benefits of any new approach. The first most significant benefit as far as this subject is concerned should come as no shock to you: making the switch to electronic cigarettes can lessen your risk of tobacco-related illnesses and even possibly death. The debate continues, however current evidence suggests that health risks are reduced when replacing tobacco cigs with e cigs and the benefits outweigh the potential harmful effects.

switch to electronic cigarettes

If you are reading this post, it is assumed you are (or were) a tobacco smoker who is looking to make a change. Let us help you with making that decision. Across the world, more than 6 million people die from smoking cigarettes. As of now, there has been no evidence to show that vapor produced by ecigs is a risk to those who use or to bystanders. This sounds like a no brainer, right?

If the life and death nature of the issue is not reason enough, we can provide you with even more reasons to switch to the vape life. One of these reasons: that smell! Electronic cigarettes do not produce that distinctive odor of traditional cigarettes that clings to your clothes, hair and sends people running in the opposite direction of you. What is the difference? You are exhaling a vapor rather than smoke and that vapor evaporates (get it?) pretty much immediately. Not only that, but with the ability to vape with endless options of flavors can even make the smell from an e-cigarette pleasant!

Another reason that might convince you to make the switch? Money money money! Again, we are assuming you are or were a tobacco smoker so therefore we are assuming that you are aware of how expensive the traditional cigarette habit is these days. And while vaping starter kits may be a bit of an investment, the long term month to month costs of electronic smoking are far more economical than a pack-a-day smoker’s budget of $300 a month.

If we have convinced you to start the search for your first electronic cigarette, we have done our job. We hope you enjoy your healthier, cheaper and not-as-smelly lifestyle.

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